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Second Move Discount


At Déménagement Économique we value customer loyalty. Thus, we offer to all of our returning clients a 5% discount for all the services we provide.

Thank you for trusting us once; we bet we can do even better! Call us at 514 933-3555 today.

CAA Membership Discount


Over the last 15 years, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Rewards program has grown to be one of Canada’s largest loyalty programs, with the most partners worldwide – more than 164,000 locations for savings worldwide. The list of CAA partners is truly outstanding, and the locations where members can use and collect CAA Rewards is growing every month. The participants of the CAA Rewards program are eligible for latest and hottest deals, saving guides, and more!

Acknowledging the popularity of the CAA Rewards program among Canadian drivers we are really excited to join the great program and offer all fellow participants a 5% discount on every moving service that we provide. We believe that with this discount, even more members of the CAA community can benefit from our services. Contact us now to get a free quote or get more information on our moving services. Call 514 933-3555 to discuss your moving needs.

5% discount for students and seniors


At Déménagement Économique out goal is to provide high quality moving services to a broad range of people at affordable prices. However, we realize that there are categories of clients who may experience financial difficulties, yet are in desperate need for moving services in Montreal and Toronto area or outside. The two categories of people we feel are often mistreated are students and seniors. Being often limited in their resources, they ask their friends or relatives for assistance or seek for cheaper and sometimes less reliable moving service providers. As a result, their moving experienced may be spoiled by inconvenient scheduling, poor execution, communication, or they even may end up being cheated.

Déménagement Économique is now offering a 5% discount to students and seniors for every residential and long distance moving. We think that with this offer our moving service can become even more affordable, so that even more people can take advantage of it! Feel free to contact us to find out more information about our moving services, and your eligibility.

Holiday Moving Discount

It is the holiday season. Déménagement Économique wishes you a joyous time with peace and cheer in the New Year! Although the vast majority of moving is over, we realize there are still people who need quick and professional moving and transport services. At Déménagement Économique Service not only are we ready to serve those in the need, we also have great holiday specials to share with our clients. For the period from December 10 through February 1 we offer a special deal; to all of our clients who

seek professional moving services we provide 3 professional loaders and one truck at a fixed rate of $30 off on all kinds of moving needs in any neighborhood within the Greater Montreal and Toronto Area.

We believe this great offer will help many families and office managers not only move within the shortest timeframe with maximum comfort, but also spend more time with their relatives and friends. Choose our services, and take advantage of our specials and discounts throughout the whole year!

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