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Are you looking to move to the next town, across the country or even abroad? It pays to carefully layout your move and select a reliable long distance mover to carry out your plan. At Déménagement Économique, our long distance moving experience is at your service. Our team of long distance moving experts can help you plan your move so that it proceeds in an efficient and affordable way. See our moving for residential article


Here are a few tips for your long distance move,


Create an Inventory of Your Possessions:

Before your long distance move, look around your home, and itemize your belongings this will help you prioritize in the next steps. This does take time, so start well ahead of your long distance move. Use a camera to create a video or photo inventory if you can, this will provide useful information not only to you but also for insurance claims in case of damages or loss.


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Long distance movers


Pack Well:

For your long distance move, the further you are moving, the more bumps in the road your things will encounter along the way and it’s next to impossible to avoid some (hopefully small) damages. If you choose to have your long distance mover pack your things, then there is virtually nothing to do on your part. Your belongings will be expertly packed and fully insured. If you choose to pack some things yourself, pack everything as well as you can. Always use clean, packing paper, and securely tape your boxes to avoid damage

Select Carefully:

At this point of your long distance move you will have to weigh the value (both sentimental and monetary) of each piece of furniture against the costs and effort to ship it. Try to strike a balance by discarding furniture or equipment that are more expensive to ship than they cost to replace, but keeping objects of sentimental value or outright impossible to replace.


Have a Garage Sale:

After you’ve decided what items you don’t need to take with you, have a garage sale. You can get some extra money, which is always helpful, and save space in the moving van and your new house. Residential moving


Drive Your Car:

If it's possible drive to your new home. This long distance move can turn into an interesting road trip for the whole family discovering new sites and sights on your way and providing a welcomed recreational break.

Be Emotionally Prepared:

Even if you are moving somewhere with lots of friends and family nearby, it's a huge life change so give yourself time to settle in. Moving across town is hard enough, let alone moving to a new state or part of the country where you need to figure out pretty much everything all over again.

Long distance moving isn’t always easy. However, you can simplify your move and avoid much stress if you follow the previous guidelines. You will be surprised by how smooth things can go when you plan ahead. Déménagement Économique is your long distance mover of choice!