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Piano Moving

A piano is not just a piece of furniture, it is also a fragile, delicate and often expensive instrument. Transporting a piano requires professional care, so that the instrument is delivered without any external or internal damage…

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Storage Services

D&D Discount Moving offers a variety of storage plans to help our clients smooth the transition when moving belongings to a new location. We provide a full range of storage services from assembling/disassembling…

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Moving Long Distance

Moving to another city is a common practice these days. There can be plenty of reasons to move to a different place; from seeking for a better life quality to leaving due to certain circumstances…

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Specialty Moving Services

Moving to a new place can sometimes be tricky and puzzling. The biggest challenges usually present are large, heavy or fragile items, custom designed furniture, pieces of art, antiques…

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The Moving Checklist

Vous planifiez un déménagement ? Savez-vous que le processus de déménagement est l’un des événements les plus stressants dans la vie suivant de près les événements marquants que sont le deuil et le divorce…

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